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I saw an exhibition of Akio Suzuki's work a few years ago at a great sound-art gallery in New York called Audio Visual Arts.  The exhibition was silent but some of the objects would make sound of you "used" them.  A set of six stalks of bamboo, cut to different lengths, stood upright on top of a small concrete slab.  Each one would have a different tone if you blew into it, or simply picked it up and sat it back down on the slab.  But I liked that the objects held a potential for sound, without anyone needing to hear it.  Small objects on shelves had even less instrumental possibilities - candy wrappers, a candle - but these too were seen in terms of sound in this context.  The show really stuck with me.  This is a recording of Suzuki setting up a dynamic relationship between paper rolled into cylinders, microphones, radios tuned to static, a pushcart and the ambient sound of the museum in which he put all this into motion.  It's transporting without feeling the need to be too musical.
--Zak Prekop

Akio Suzuki
Label: Edition Omega Point
Format: Vinyl, LP

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