Bernhard Schreiner - Some Personal Appearances


Bernhard Schreiner - Some Personal Appearances





Performed in the artist’s Frankfurt studio in 2015, Some Personal Appearances features zither recordings made using a bow, mallets, effect pedals and other materials.

The album evokes Anton Karas on mescaline; post-war Vienna, and the imaginative space of cinema. Schreiner’s interest in 19th century spiritism suggests an affinity for the improvisatory, the magnetism of knowing and not knowing.  Regarding live performance, Schreiner has said, “I try to construct setups I’m not able to control entirely; setups that have potential to surprise me or that are just too complex to be securely managed in all their parameters, without losing the overview.”

Artist: Bernhard Schreiner
Label: Small World
Format: Vinyl
Edition of 500, 2016

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