Thomas Bayrle and Bernhard Schreiner - WARP WEFT


Thomas Bayrle and Bernhard Schreiner - WARP WEFT





Recorded in a textile weaving factory in Schwalmstadt Trutzhain, Germany, WARP WEFT is a collaborative sound work by Frankfurt-based artists Thomas Bayrle and Bernhard Schreiner.

The LP consists of three audio pieces, each made using multiple in-sync microphones that were focused on a specific historical machine; a Dornier rapier loom from the 1980’s; a Hacoba weft winding machine from the 1950’s; and a loom with shuttles, equipped with a jacquard attachment from the late 1940’s, notable for its importance in the development of programmable machines pivotal to early computing.

Artist: Thomas Bayrle / Bernhard Schreiner
Label: Small World
Format: Vinyl
Edition of 500, 2016

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