UrbanLab: Bowling, new book by Sarah Dunn and Martin Felsen

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UrbanLab: Bowling

As populations steadily increase in cities, the world’s natural resources are consumed at ever-faster rates. The majority of the world’s populations live in countries where clean water supplies are dwindling, and these water shortages are also quickly translating into food shortages. What can designers do to avert looming water-related realities? UrbanLab: Bowling views potential water crises as opportunities to speculate on future urban design possibilities, especially in cities. Several projects are presented that take an ecological approach to re-thinking received urban design methodologies of addressing the design of water-related infrastructures in existing and new cities.

272 pages
Published by Applied Research & Design

UrbanLab designed Shane Campbell Gallery's current space in the South Loop.

Alma Allen and Shio Kusaka in Hill People, Performance Ski, Aspen, CO

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July 16 - August 6, 2017

Curated by Benjamin Godsill

Ricci Albenda, Alma Allen, Kathryn Andrews, Carol Bove, Sarah Charlesworth, Aaron Curry, Gregory Edwards, Roe Ethridge, John Finneran, Henry Gunderson, Rashid Johnson, Caitlin Keogh, Shio Kusaka, The Estate of Joel Mesler, Damián Ortega, Trevor Paglen, Ken Price, Josh Reames, Anders Ruhwald, Bruce M. Sherman, Rirkrit Tiravanija

Performance Ski
Aspen, CO

Adam Pendleton in Art of Rebellion: Black Art of the Civil Rights Movement, DIA, Detroit, MI

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Art of Rebellion: Black Art of the Civil Rights Movement

July 23 - October 22, 2017

Explore powerful artworks by African American artists who formed collectives during the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s and 1970s. These collectives, made up of artists working together in distinct groups, created art specifically for African American audiences that asserted black identity and racial justice.

This exhibition includes 34 paintings, sculptures, installations and photographs produced by artists working both collectively and independently to address social and political issues surrounding the Civil Rights Movement and today. Situated within the story of these collectives is the Detroit rebellion of 1967.

Detroit Institute of Arts
Detroit, MI

Tony Lewis in Color People, Rental Gallery, East Hampton NY

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Color People
July 1 - July 25, 2017

Curated by Rashid Johnson

Participating artists include Marina Adams, McArthur Binion, Robert Colescott, Sam Gilliam, Alteronce Gumby, Mary Heilmann, Loie Hollowell, Tony Lewis, Walter Price, Nathaniel Mary Quinn, Amy Sherald, Bob Thompson, and Mary Weatherford, among others.

Lisa Williamson in Prospect 2017, Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego, San Diego, CA

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Prospect 2017

May 19 - July 23, 2017


Prospect 2017 features eight artists whose works reflect the Museum’s curatorial interests: Amy Adler (b. 1966), Math Bass (b. 1981), James Crosby (b. 1974), Jonathan Hernández (b. 1972), Tala Madani (b. 1981), Rebecca Morris (b. 1969), Barbara T. Smith (b. 1931), and Lisa Williamson (b. 1977). From these diverse practices emerge uncanny visions of daily life; material traces of the body; wry revisions of art history; and a deep engagement with political realities, past and present. 

San Diego, CA

Suzanne McClelland in Gray Matters, Wexner Center for the Arts, Columbus, OH

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Gray Matters

May 20 - July 30, 2017

Tauba Auerbach • Carol Bove • Gisele Camargo • Vija Celmins • Bethany Collins • Marsha Cottrell • Tacita Dean • Tara Donovan • Marlene Dumas • Michelle Grabner • Josephine Halvorson • Mona Hatoum • Roni Horn • Cristina Iglesias • Jennie C. Jones • Toba Khedoori • Laura Lisbon • Suzanne McClelland • Julie Mehretu • Katie Paterson • Joyce Pensato • Amalia Pica • Mary Reid Kelley • Michal Rovner • Nancy Rubins • Arlene Shechet • Erin Shirreff • Amy Sillman • Xaviera Simmons • Diane Simpson • Lorna Simpson • Avery Singer • Michelle Stuart • Mickalene Thomas • Kara Walker • Rachel Whiteread • Carmen Winant

Wexner Center for the Arts
Columbus, OH