In Conversation: Alma Allen & J.B. Blunk, Palm Springs Art Museum, Palm Springs, CA

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In Conversation: Alma Allen & J.B. Blunk
February 3 - June 4, 2018

In Conversation: Alma Allen and J.B. Blunk stages an encounter between two people who never met but whose work shares a deep affinity. The work of Alma Allen and J.B. Blunk blurs the line between design and sculpture, with both men creating evocative organic work from natural materials. 

Palm Springs Art Museum Architecture and Design Center
Palm Springs, CA

Jay Heikes, Matrix 269, BAMPFA, Berkeley, CA

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Jay Heikes
Matrix 269

February 14 - April 29, 2018

Many of the objects—paintings, sculptures, and drawings—presented in this exhibition were informed by time, Jay Heikes (b. 1975) spent at a residency in Marfa, Texas, in early 2017. The dry, crumbly terrain of the desert landscape and the site’s proximity to Mexico inspired his rumination and reflection on the significance of borders to our culture, a subject that has concurrently received much attention in the political sphere.

Berkeley, CA

David Leggett in Hand-Eye Coordination at Western Exhibitions, Chicago, IL

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Hand-Eye Coordination: Sports and Art
Curated by Abraham Ritchie
January 6 - February 17, 2018

Bad at Sports, Robert Barnes, Ethan Gill,
Michelle Grabner, Nicolas Lampert,
David Leggett, Dutes Miller, Betsy Odom,
James Pederson, Cheryl Pope, Karl Priebe,
Ben Stone, Jacqueline Surdell, Wesley Willis,
Karl Wirsum

Western Exhibitions
Chicago, IL