Jay Heikes in Parallel City, MS. Barbers Gallery, Los Angeles

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Parallel City

March 18 - April 15, 2017

Amy Brener, Heather Cook, Shannon Ebner, Joey Frank, Sonja Gerdes, Mark Steven Greenfield, Jay Heikes, Anton Lieberman, Adam Miller, Nikhil Murthy, Brian Randolph

Organized by Erik Frydenborg and Nick Kramer

Constructed to be an art-city in parallel with this city, Parallel City exists like the cities in books- as a continuous entirety and as a collection of vignettes. Discussion around Plato’s allegory of the cave, Italo Calvino’s invisible Venice, and Thomas Pynchon’s bizzaro California transformed in to a conversation about sight, fingers, politics, and ultimately, subjectivity. Parallel City explores the idea of a city as a model for an art show and finds a collection of bodies.

Kim Fisher in A Mere Sum of Parts, Charlie James Gallery, Los Angeles

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A Mere Sum of Parts

February 25 - April 1, 2017

Organized by Sydney Croskery

Chad Attie, Sadie Barnette, Sarah Conaway, Sydney Croskery, Kim Fisher, Erik Frydenborg, Chyrum Lambert, Fay Ray, and Steve Roden. 

The artists in the exhibition A Mere Sum of Parts employ a series of processes, by either dismantling cultural artifacts or by fabricating their own, to create a new image. They collect, break, edit, tear, and combine in order to redefine and revalue, while not depicting the context or meaning of the original source. Through these processes, the artist subtly hints at the moment of derivation, adding a sense of the familiar, poetic, or personal. The artist Sydney Croskery organized this show of works by artists she admires to consider the different ways each individualizes their process.

Charlie James Gallery
Los Angeles, CA

Chris Bradley in Expanded: Chicago, Mana Contemporary, Chicago

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Expanded: Chicago

March 9-12

Participating Galleries:
65GRAND | Aspect/Ratio | Beautiful | Shane Campbell Gallery | Corbett vs. Dempsey | devening projects + editions | DOCUMENT |The Franklin | Goldfinch | Kavi Gupta Gallery | Rhona Hoffman Gallery| Jeux d ete | Lawrence & Clark | Efrain Lopez | The Mission | monique meloche | PATRON | Produce Model Gallery | ANDREW RAFACZ | Regards | Carrie Secrist Gallery | Soccer Club Club | Volume Gallery | Western Exhibitions

Mana Contemporary
Chicago, IL

Chris Bradley, Jason Meadows, Amanda Ross-Ho in 99 Cents or Less, MOCAD, Detroit

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99 Cents or Less

May 19 - August 6, 2017

Curated by Jens Hoffman

MOCAD will open a major group exhibition of a diverse range of 99 artists making work from items purchased at America’s ubiquitous 99 Cent stores. Jens Hoffmann invited 99 artists all based in the United States to purchase items at 99 Cent stores, each spending up to a total of $99. The artists will use those materials to create new artworks that will be presented at the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit.

Detroit, MI