Kim Fisher in A Mere Sum of Parts, Charlie James Gallery, Los Angeles

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A Mere Sum of Parts

February 25 - April 1, 2017

Organized by Sydney Croskery

Chad Attie, Sadie Barnette, Sarah Conaway, Sydney Croskery, Kim Fisher, Erik Frydenborg, Chyrum Lambert, Fay Ray, and Steve Roden. 

The artists in the exhibition A Mere Sum of Parts employ a series of processes, by either dismantling cultural artifacts or by fabricating their own, to create a new image. They collect, break, edit, tear, and combine in order to redefine and revalue, while not depicting the context or meaning of the original source. Through these processes, the artist subtly hints at the moment of derivation, adding a sense of the familiar, poetic, or personal. The artist Sydney Croskery organized this show of works by artists she admires to consider the different ways each individualizes their process.

Charlie James Gallery
Los Angeles, CA