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(b. 1978, lives in Los Angeles)



2008     MFA, California Institute of the Arts, Valencia, CA

2001     BA, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA



2017     Crooner, Altman Siegel, San Francisco, CA

2015     Laura Bartlett Gallery, London, UK

               Shane Campbell Gallery, Chicago, IL

2013     Interior Address: Paintings by Alex Olson (Notes by M. Malliaris), Shane Campbell Gallery, Lincoln Park, IL

               Bravo Zebra, Laura Bartlett Gallery, London, UK

2012     Palmist and Editor, Lisa Cooley, New York, NY

               Selected Coats, Shane Campbell Gallery, Chicago, IL

2010     As a Verb, As a Noun, In Peach and Silver, Lisa Cooley, New York, NY

2009     The Mandrake, Los Angeles, CA

2008     Exteriors, &, Apartment 2, Los Angeles, CA



2017     Slip Cover, Shane Campbell Gallery, Chicago, IL

               PS8, PLAySPACE CCA Hubbell Street Galleries, San Francisco, CA

               Fickle Food Upon A Shifting Plate, Studio_Leigh, London

               Of a Well-Sucked Apricot Pit, Tif Sigfrids, Los Angeles, CA

               Mary Mary, Glasgow, UK

2016     Breather, Laura Bartlett Gallery, London, UK

               The Ocular Bowl, Kayne Griffin Corcoran, Los Angeles, CA

               Will and Be Going To, Altman Siegel, San Francisco, CA

2014     Variations: Conversations in and Around Abstract Painting, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Los Angeles, CA

      Reductive Minimalism: Two Generations of Women Artists in Dialogue 1960-2014, curated by Erica Barrish,

      University of Michigan Museum of Art, Ann Arbor, MI

2013     The Museum of Public Fiction, Los Angeles, CA

               Tenth Anniversary Show, Wallspace, New York, NY

               Murmurs: Recent Contemporary Acquisitions, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Los Angeles, CA

               Painter, Painter, curated by Eric Crosby and Bartholomew Ryan, Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, MN

               The Stand In (Or a Glass of Milk), curated by Alexandra Gaty and Lauren Mackler, Public Fiction, Los Angeles, CA

2012     Made in LA 2012, Hammer Museum, Los Angeles, CA

      Verena Dengler, Ellen Gronemeyer, Helena Huneke, Alex Olson, Shane Campbell Gallery, Chicago, IL

      Today, Lisa Cooley, New York

      Jessica Dickinson, Liam Everett, Alex Olson, Josh Smith, Garth Weiser, Altman Siegel Gallery, San Francisco

2011     Laura Bartlett Gallery, London, UK

      No Swan So Fine, curated by Joanna Fiduccia, Michael Benevento Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

2010     Drawing, Shane Campbell Gallery, Chicago, IL

     No Barrier Fun, Lisa Cooley, New York, NY

     Rental Gallery, New York, NY

     Contemporary Topics in Painting Center for the Arts, Eagle Rock, CA

2009     Don’t Perish, Leo Koenig Inc. Projekte, New York, NY

     To the Left of the Rising Sun, Small A Projects, Greenwich, NY

     Joe Bradley, Mario Correa, Allison Miller, Alex Olson, Redling Fine Art, Los Angeles, CA

     Alex Olson and Lisa Williamson, Shane Campbell Gallery, Chicago, IL

     Thunk, Khastoo Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

     Extra, Extra! China Art Objects, Los Angeles, CA

     Boofthle Booth - Booth : Deux / The Hollywood Biennale, Pauline, Los Angeles, CA

2008     Mr. Reverse Psychology, Norma Desmond Projects, Los Angeles, CA

     We Need A New Object, CalArts Graduation Show, Acuna Hansen Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

     New Insight, Art Chicago, Chicago, IL

     As if This Land Were Yours, Eveningside Drive, Val Verde, CA

     MFA Mid-Residency Show, Galleries at CalArts, Valencia, CA

2007     The Juice Is Loose, 507 Rose Gallery, Venice, CA

      Exquisite Acts and Everyday Rebellions, CalArts, Valencia, CA



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2011     Steep Rock Arts Residency

2010     Nancy Graves Foundation Grant



Los Angeles Country Museum of Art

Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago

Hammer Museum, Los Angeles

Walker Art Center, Minneapolis