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(b. 1985 in Kansas City, MO, lives and works in Milwaukee, WI)



2012     MFA, University of Illinois at Chicago

2007     BFA, Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design



2015     Paul Cowan, Michael Jon Gallery, Miami, FL

               Paul Cowan, Kimmerich, Berlin, Germany

               Lágrimas de CocodriloL21, Madrid, ES

2014, Jonathan Viner Gallery, London, UK 

     Some Rehearsals, The Green Gallery, Milwaukee, WI

     Clifton Benevento, New York, NY

2013     Parallel Processing, Young Art Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

     Shane Campbell Gallery, Oak Park, IL

     Pallarel Procssieng, Shane Campbell Gallery, Chicago, IL

2012     MCA Chicago, Chicago, IL

     DID NOT WANT TO [—?—] HIS [—?—] OF [—?—],Clifton Benevento, New York, NY

     New Work, Important Projects, Oakland, CA

     New Work, Michael Jon Gallery, Miami, FL

2011     New Work, Shane Campbell Gallery, Oak Park, IL

     In Medias Res, 1dM, Chicago, IL

     Caesurian Complex, Young Art, Los Angeles, CA

     Breaking The Law, Alderman Exhibitions, Chicago, IL

2010     Alla Prima, Golden Age, Chicago, IL

     Kingsboro Presents, West Street Gallery, New York, NY

     Existence Value, Roots & Culture, Chicago, IL

     Causality Without Cause, Devening Projects, Chicago, IL (w/ Matt Stolle)

     When did you begin calling yourself…, Important Projects, Oakland, CA (w/ Scott Cowan)

2009     Muse About Certain Motifs, SUNY Purchase College/Bulletin Board Program, Purchase,       NY

     Existence Value, Jettison Space, Chicago, IL

     You Can Build A House, The Pigeon Wing, London, UK (w/ Scott Cowan/Katy Keefe)

     At Them Not Through Them, Knock Knock Gallery, Chicago, IL (w/ Michael Hunter)

     Either Both/And Or Neither/Nor, Scott Projects, Chicago IL (w/ Scott Cowan)



2015     The Subjects of the ArtistMichael Thibault Gallery, Los Angeles, CA (curated by Alex Bacon)

2014     Paul Cowan, Jeff Eaton, David Elliott, Sean Keenan, City Ice Arts, Kansas City, MO

     La chose en cadrée, curated by Camille le Houezec & Joey Villemont, supported by Glasgow International, SWG3  
     Gallery, Glasgow, UK 

     Duck Soup, Galerie Nordenhake, Stockholm, Sweden

     The Next Level, Annarumma Gallery, Naples, Italy

     Meet Me at The Soho House, organized by Night Club, Iceberg Projects, Chicago, IL

     173 EAST 94th STREET / CHAUSSÉE DE WATERLOO 550, Middlemarch, Brussels, Belgium

2013     P&CO, Thomas Duncan Gallery, Los Angeles

     Very New Works, Markus Amm, Sebastian Black, Paul Cowan, Duve, Berlin

     Comrades of Time Comrades of Time, Cell Project Space, London, UK

2012     Persistence of Vision, Paul Cowan, Fergus Feehily, Hans-Joerg Mayer, Bernard Piffaretti, Kavi Gupta Gallery,  

     Paul Cowan, Brendan Fowler, Chadwick Rantanen, Dan Rees, Shane Campbell Gallery, Chicago, IL

     Everyday Abstract – Abstract Everyday, James Cohan Gallery, New York, NY

     New Work, Manifest Exhibitions, Chicago, IL (w/ Sam Falls)

     Phantom Limb, Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago IL

     Mise-En-Scéne, Young Art, Los Angeles, CA

     First Among Equals, ICA, Philadelphia PA (w/ Alex Da Corte)

     Hello? I Forgot My Mantra, Clifton Benevento, New York, NY

2011     Cocktails, Bodega, Philadelphia PA (w/ PplSft)

               Straw – curated by Erik Lindman, Hannah Barry Gallery, London, UK

               Wax Apple, Bodega, Philadelphia, PA

     The New New Chicagoans, Co-Prosperity, Chicago, IL

     Three Card Monte, Green Gallery, Milwaukee, WI (w/ Martine Syms & Marco Braunschweiler)

     Group Show, Jancar Jones, San Francisco CA (w/ Amy Yao & Cameron Soren)

2010     Permanent Collection, White Flag Projects, St. Louis, MO (w/ Golden Age)

               Permanent Collection, Important Projects, Oakland, CA (w/ Golden Age)

               The Corridor to Success, The Composing Rooms, London, UK

               Bad Sculpture, Young Art, Los Angeles , CA (w/ Hugh Scott-Douglas and Maxwell Simmer)

               New Paintings, Next Fair / Art Chicago, Chicago, IL (w/ Proximity Magazine)

               Holiday Primetime In May, Primetime, Brooklyn, NY

               Agency at Agency, The Agency, London, UK

2009     Semi-Automatic, Interview Magazine / Mondrian Hotel, Miami, FL

               Brâncuşi, Moore and Swayze, Project Space, Toronto, ON

               Reconnection: New Sculpture and Painting, Alumni Exhibit, MIAD, Milwaukee, WI

               Art Chicago / Next Fair, Chicago, IL (w/ Scott Projects)

2008     Poster Market International, The Suburban, Oak Park, IL

               Tomorrow, Vega Estates, Chicago, IL

               Poster Market International, Blank Space, New York, NY

2007 You Can Depend On The Sunrise, The Green Gallery, Milwaukee, WI

               Would You Know My Name If…, Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design, Milwaukee, WI



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